It’s another moment of wisdom for your relationship and marriage that the Lord has circled for us to be blessed.

The concept of courtship has been wrongly communicated simply because we defined it base on assumption.

It is unfortunate that assumption is the lowest form of knowledge that is a mirrage..the definition of a thing without confirmation is assumption.

In this series I will be defining what courtship is & what is expected of one in courtship.

The word “Courtship” is not scriptural but it is a western terminology borrowed in order to substitute or best describe ENGAGEMENT.

Dating is not courtship, so let’s be guided.

Dating is not a bad thing but it can’t replace courtship that is a preparatory ground for two intended couples.

Courtship is not what one experience for life because it is periodic in nature.

I defined Courtship as a periodic type of intimate relationship that is aimed at proper preparation before/for marriage.

Courtship is not an end in itself but it is a means that to an end(marriage).

The quality of your marriage largely depends on how sound your Courtship is.

There is an Hausa adage that says, “JUMMA’A MAI KYAU DAGA LARABA AKE GANETA” meaning, Good Friday can only be known from how quality WEDNESDAY is.

Courtship is like an examination that any intended couples must write.

Courtship has less to do with enjoying your partner’s money while he or she spends on you, rather it is a period where the two in question put things in place intentionally in order to enjoy a blissful marriage.

The quality of your duty in courtship determines the beauty of your marriage.

The fact that you are courting Someone does not mean that you will end in marriage..because some factors can hamper you guys from getting married.

How you handle your Courtship period goes a long way shaping your marital experience.

Thank you for reading through!πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™β€οΈ


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