I get messages almost everyday from young people most especially undergraduates and graduates who really desire to learn high income skills that can generate consistent streams of income for them. One thing I usually tell them is this, most of these high income skills will not automatically generate income for you until there is a shift in your mindset. What do I mean by that?

The major thing on the minds of most undergraduates and graduates right now is making money and that is not bad in itself, just that their priorities are misplaced. You need to understand that the first thing needed from you as it relates to making money from a high income skill is LEARNING CONSISTENTLY.

Even after I recommend these high income skills, money will not automatically come into your bank account until you take out money to pay for high income skills training, learn consistently until you are confident that the high income skill is something you can offer as a service.

If you follow these instructions, before the end of 2020, you should begin to make money from these high income skills. There are so many of them you can learn but I have carefully picked put three out of the rest which you can learn with at least 2,000 naira.


This is one high income skill you can learn and practice consistently until you begin to make a minimum of 50k monthly once you pay the price of learning properly. I get messages from people who don’t have a laptop once in a while asking me if it is possible to run Facebook ads with your smartphone? My response is always yes because I run ads with my smartphone.


One of the reasons you need to learn Facebook ads is because there are many businesses looking for sales, brand awareness and customers. You can help them by running Facebook ads. This won’t happen automatically like I said but the first step is LEARNING.


This is another high income skill which you can learn because every sale generated online, a copy writer must have been contacted or the business owners learnt copy writing. This is why I laugh when a business owner just think making sales is by posting pictures online or spamming prospects with buy now messages.

If you are business owner or entrepreneur reading this and you are yet to learn copy writing then I beseech you to get that skill because it is an investment in your business.


One of the things you need to automate your sales process organically or through paid ads is a landing page. I got a contract from a friend who wants me to design a landing page for his online school so it can be automated for sales. Now imagine I get more every week or month? That is money for me.

I have other things doing that’s why I only teach people and design for myself. These high income skills can be done using your smartphone, the same phone you just use to call and chat. Few months back, I told myself that every data subscription I use monthly must be made twice that same month because I can’t be wasting money buying data and the only thing I do with it is watch comedians or shows which can’t boost my financial intelligence to make money. For me it is a waste of time and energy.

Stop wasting time on excuses of what you don’t have, like I do tell young people, if you don’t have money to pay for trainings, think of how you can get the money. Stop saying there is no way out. In my new book which is on pre order, I talked about the place of thinking outside the box if you must break away from lack and unstable income.

This is one of the ways to secure your financial future. Think and think the ways out. You can also work with someone for free in order to learn from the person. There are a lot, so stop giving reasons for your being BROKE. Learn a high income skill today.

Do me a favour by letting me know your take home point from this post and also spread this content with others.

Godstime Efeni
Book Project Consultant, Content Creator, Author, Digital Marketer and Business Growth Strategist

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