A undergraduate story.

Throw back to the days of my undergraduate days. Coming from modern family who believes that trouser and other fashion trends isn’t a sin. I was the opposite of what people think I was. I could go vocal but practical is what I lack.

I had about 3exes before my 3rd year. Sex deprival caused the break up cos I was an advocate of bed undefiled. I was a major crusader of this believe then… At a point I introduced romance but couldn’t allow anyone go down there. To me i was keeping God’s words but my exes
Asserts its phobia or something related to it. After loosing 3 boyfriends in 5years, although distance separated me from my first not sex …. But the later 2&3 were clear cases of not being able to satisfy their Adamic lust.

After my third year second semester exam I went to Lagos to cool off school stress. I got to notice one fine dude who have been crushing on me for years ooo. I knew bobo had a babe but loneliness made me want to give him chance. We were friends on Facebook. Were from same state too. I checked my WhatsApp and our last chat was in 2016. I commented on his status and bobo replied in a second and began his preaching. Things complicated and we arranged to meet immediately I am in Abuja. When I
got to Abuja we arranged for first date.
For sometime I was too sure that he was my husband. I was so convinced couple with the fact that he has been shooting his shot for years.
But my conviction failed me on the d day.
He came into my part of town where I reside on a friday night and requested i come lodge with him over night but i brushed it off. I requested him to come to my house that night, he came with his brother forming scared… My domain was a quite and reserved domain. I told him to come inside but he wouldn’t adhere. He rather suggested we discuss in the presence of his brother right there in the car. I concurred and we talked at length then he popped out the question.
Him: where is your bag… Aren’t you ready yet?
Me: it’s late, I can’t leave my house this late… 7:50pm… I will see you tomorrow

Him: that reminds me who was it that keeps calling you in between our calls

Me: innocently, a Barr. Friend of mine.

Him: hmmm… What you’re doing is not good. You should give everyone, equal chance. You don’t know if I will be the one to chase all these men out and marry you afterwards

Me: πŸ˜¨πŸ™„πŸ™„
Him: Think about it
Me: Okay good night I will see you tomorrow.

On the morning of our date I developed cold feet. I asked my girlfriend to keep calling me and reminding me that her trad is that day… She was to keep asking me why I wasn’t yet at the venue. We’re mischievous friends shall… Babe understood the game.

In the morning I went and immediately I arrived, I notified my girlfriend and deleted the call log. At the hotel she called in between discussion and I kept reassuring her that I will soon be there. At a point uncle took my phone from me and answered the call… Hmmm he was extremely jealous ooo… I had to drag my phone with him sha…
As we were talking some group of guys around us whom I will tag as customers began to smoke heavily… At a point I had to tell him I need to excuse myself. He agreed to this and we decided to go private in his hotel room. At the room uncle won’t let me be ooo… It took the grace of God and intervention of Amadioha for him not to have succeeded in raping me. All through this harassment I was begging him not to force himself on me. I fought and when I realized he was stronger than me I gave up and resorted to crying and begging…
Me: pls don’t rape me… Pls…
Him: we love ourselves, let’s just satisfy ourselves and bond… (My bra is already unhooked)
Me: pls…😭
Him: kissing and romancing ….
Me: pls raising voice….😭😭😭😭
Him::… Are you a virgin… Okay pls just massage my penis and make me release, by now, I’m almost close to the door knob but he keeps refraining me. He uses my hand to massage his penis while he asks

Him: haven’t you done it before… Do it like this, let me just release…..

Him… Don’t you like a fine man like me…
Baby just look at me, don’t you love me… I love you so much… I have been diying for you since many years.

Me: pls let me go with teary voice…. Floods of tears on my face. I couldn’t even stand seeing him or his penis.. I was timing the best time to open the door.

Him… Still saying series of incoherent talks…
Me:… Finally opens the door and made to dash out…
Him: seeing my mood and that he is still naked shot the door begging me to come in. He dashed inside, wore his cloth and begged me to come in but I refused. He brought my purse and I took it, then he asked me to come wear my shoes which I begged him to give me my shoes too. He later calmed me down and managed to make me come in with door ajar while he makes me seat close to the table fan to cool off. By now, floods of I’m sorry was being showered on me. I managed to heed to that but couldn’t even trust him again.
He keeps pleading that I forgive him until he saw me off the hotel environ and boarded a taxi… He actually gave me tfare 3k which I refused… He forced it on the taxi man and on reaching home I did a credit transfer of 3k to him cos I would have lost a gold while chasing stones.

Although, I didn’t later marry a virgin but I’m glad I lost my viginity willingly to my husband.

What piercingπŸ’˜ first date experience have you gotten?
I blamed myself for the harassment afterwards but I have come to heal and realize that it was entirely his fault. How can someone force himself and embarrass his guest on a first day.
What’s your orientation about virgins.

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