A Woman Is Not The Opposite of A Man

From primary school, pupils were taught that the opposite of white is black, the opposite of light is darkness, and worst of all is that the opposite of man is woman. This may look negligible, but in it is the foundation of the problem.

In the psyche of a child, for black to be opposite of white means they are never related, they share nothing in common, so also is light and darkness, up and down, right and left. They are like two opposing poles.

Now imagine the fact that women are opposite of men, it is not only misleading but it is WRONG. We all should come to this fact that male and female are NOT OPPOSITE sexes, but rather COMPLEMENTARY sexes. There is a big difference between the two. While the former places emphases on the fact that male and female can do better without each other, the latter echoes the fact that both were actually meant to do better together.

Nature has made it that there are things a woman can do that a man may not be able to do and vice versa. This is why it is not very correct to say that what a man can do, a woman can do perfectly. A woman can only do what a man can do as a woman and never as a man.

If we truly engrain into us the idea that we complement each other, some of the arguments we make under the heading of gender equality which analytically is more of gender-role-reversal, may no longer be necessary. Arguments like, who does the cooking, who changes baby’s diaper, who eats gizzard, who baths kids, who foots the bills at home, who does school runs, etc. will not occupy our timeline anymore.

This is why I have problem emphasizing equality between male and female in terms of functionality. We are equal as far as our humanity is concern, a man is not more human than a woman and vice versa. But when it comes to physical abilities and functions, if a man can do it better because of his biological and muscular build up, let him do it. If a woman can do it better because of her biological and her possession of womb, let her do it.

If the woman decides to be in the house so as to breastfeed their newly born baby, she should not be looked down on. And if the man decides to till the ground so as to get food for the woman which will help her breastfeed their baby better, let him do it. At the end, they are achieving same goal doing what their abilities can carry. When couples complement each other, no one looks at what he or she is doing as more noble.

Remember I said, if they both decide.

Bonus class!

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