This is because majority are suffering virtually in all aspects of their lives. Due to the Challenge and pressures coming from the environment they find themselves and their inability to figure out how their internal environment control the physical environment, has made many to remain under serious perpetual captivity.

Truth be told, I’m a youth and I know what it means to live with out support from the government, family and closed relatives who ought to. I am talking from experience, it is as if the whole world is against you.

I know and see many people struggling to chase everything without a clear understanding of what in particular they are looking for. Many pursue money desperately in a wrong way with hope to find satisfaction but Alas, they hardly achieve this dream. It is very impossible for you to go far if you don’t have a clear direction and proper knowledge of what it takes to get there and how to get there.

Amongst many people who are struggling today, have no clue what their purpose on Earth is. Ask them why they really need to make money, you will hear reasons like, I want to be rich, I want to travel around the world, I want to build the highest mansion, bla bla bla ….

Well, nothing is wrong with having mansion,or private jet but the problem is with your motives behind having all these stuff. Don’t you know that your purpose on Earth is much more important than than all the finest things of this world?

Now hear this, everything you have is given to help you fullfil your life purpose on Earth. If you don’t know your purpose, tell me why nature should respond to your requests? You are not a product of accident, you are deliberately created for a particular area of human endeavors to dominate.

Because I understood that life is not just about having good grades at school, job, house , cars etc , that’s why I seek to find out why I was created. I asked questions about my existence. I wanted to live my life to the fullest. I don’t just want to make the all the money, I wanted to know the reason for making the money.

Ever since I received the baptism of Personal discovery, my life has never been the same. My thinking pattern changed, my life took a new shape. I got myself isolated from the crowd. My destination is well defined. I know what is for me and what is not. My life is simplified.

All the unique features inside you are not for fancy. That your beautiful voice, has special reason for being there. That your uniqueness is a gift in you for the world to be impacted by. Don’t live a fruitless life. Leverage them to Produce results. You can become more. Discover you.

Thank you.

PSS. I believe this make sense to you? If yes, kindly drop a comment.

Remember, everything you need is right inside you.

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