Good afternoon, aproko neighbours and ITK flat mates dem una well-done ooo. First post from a new member I never get room no until now!
Before my father and mother got separated I got two step sisters way our papa and them mama don divorce since, each time I look at them I feel like shedding tears for them, it ain’t easy. Not knowing I and my siblings are going to face this some day! Being in the same shoe with them (their case worse pass our own sef, them mama died few months ago) has humbled me!
Though I’m the first born, in my middle twenties I can tell you the sadness and sorrow, anger, pain and frustration that one of them is not in the house (to me it’s no longer a home), we’re torn between two people! While my father accused me of siding with her instead of him( you know na, as a man and 1st child of the family) he thinks planning something against him that I want to poison him, honestly I don’t know who’s feeding him with all these false news. I no longer come close to him, I don’t touch his things… What baffles me more is the fact that whenever we offended him, our mothers are to blame (women way you don give red card since na them you de blame 🚢 🚢 🚢)
To make matters worse all these aproko relatives (I hate them) will be like “Abdul who you are you supporting” . Like seriously do they want me to take sides? Aaaargh it’s frustrating, we pretend to be happy (we the children) and carefree but when we sit down to gist me and my siblings, and they begin to tell me how sad they’re feeling without our mum’s presence, I feel like breaking down!

Friends, your advice and encouragement is highly needed, don’t know what to write anymore!

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