Do You Know That The Money You Are Chasing is Not The Wealth You Are Looking For?

When I realized this, my whole mindset got an electric shock. That is why someone can win $40 million from gambling or lottery, or betting, and in the next month, the person is damn broke.
Yea, we always love to blame it on the reckless lifestyle of the person. That the person went and start lavishing the money, bla bla bla bla…
Yea, that’s true, but do you know that you are guilty of such also?
Now, let me explain. If you think these paper money you are holding or feeling in your pocket or your bank account; if you think they are what determines richness or wealth, then you are guilty as charged.
Okay, let me come again.
You see, if someone with the right mindset about wealth gets hold of $40 million by chance, the person will know what to do with it, and thereby attain wealth.
But the majority of us with the wrong mindset will think that they are rich immediately they got hold of such amount of money.
No, you are still poor just like those with only $100 in their account, until you do the needful with that $40 million and then attain wealth.
Now, let me clear all these for you to understand me better.
What is money? Yea, what is this money that some even kill each other for?

According to Wikipedia; Fiat money is a currency established as money, often by government regulation, but that does not have intrinsic value. Fiat money does not have use value and has value only because a government maintains its value, or because parties engaging in exchange agree on its value.

Now here are a few things I want you to remember from the definition.
  • “Money or Fiat Money does not have intrinsic value”
  • “Money has use-value because some group of people doing the exchange agreed on its value”
As you can see, money started having value when there is an agreement in an exchange of something.
That means there is something of real value behind it. If not the money can’t be of value.
That something of real value is what you should start chasing and not the fiat money.
And what’s that?
  • Develop your professional skills.
  • Invest in a business.
  • Render a service-based business.
  • Go into real estate.
  • Go into Manufacturing.
  • Provide Logistics and Transportation.
Only to mention a few.
Okay, did you notice one thing in common with all of the things I just mentioned?
They all solve problems. So, the real value you should be chasing is “Solving problems” for people.
Just like I am solving business branding and digital marketing problems for SMEs, and entrepreneurs.
It can be a big problem, or it can be a small problem. The bigger the problem and the more efficient you can solve it, the wealthier you be.
Have you asked yourself why an armed robber or a drug lord will do his or her business for over 30 years, record immense success, yet never have enough and is always looking for money to solve daily issues? They can’t even be as wealthy as Dangote, or Bill Gates.
It’s an issue of mindset.
The other is chasing paper money, while the other is chasing wealth.
The other is chasing an illusion, while the other is chasing the real thing.
Now, think back and ask yourself; Am I chasing the real thing?
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