This post may not be for everyone. The principle I will be sharing here now will not be generally accepted because of our individual desires.

We all have what we consider important. To think that everybody wants the same thing that you want is a mistake.

But one thing is sure ,where you are going in life will greatly inform your desires.

Read that again so that you don’t forget it.

The thing is, you have always had goals prior, it’s just that some of them are not worth pursuing.

Let me make it clearer.

You may not have called them goals or written them down, but you have had things that you have always wanted to achieve or have in life right?

Some you even told yourself, before the end of 2020, I want to buy a car or have my own house. Some you got, some you didn’t.

Here is the challenge.

Most of what we pursue is a total waste of time. When you are writing your goals for 2021 don’t I include THINGS. If you have done it already, you might need review them after reading this.

You might also want to write this down.

I told you that you may not like this post, but stay put, we are going somewhere.

Don’t work on having a new car.

A new house

A new job

New machines etc

This is shocking right? Okay, let’s look at why and what you should be focusing on.

Things fade away. When you go for things, you remain the same.

Do you know that the moment a new car is announced, the company is already designing an upgraded version of it as well as the competitors?

Instead of things, pursue PERSONALITY.

Don’t work on having anything, work on being something because with who you are, you will have.

Things follow personality.

Just because you are the MD of that company you are entitled to a house and a car.

Don’t work on making money, work on discovering a need and an audience then creating a product or service to meet that need automatically, money comes to people like that.

Don’t work on having a first class in the university, work on showing up for lectures, doing your assignments, preparing very well for the exams, giving it your best, automatically first class comes to people like that

If you are a lady, don’t work on marrying a rich man, work on being the person that will naturally attract a rich man.

It’s no use trying to get things, work on being and you will have.

That means you have to go to work on you. You are the principal factor for your Success.

You are responsible for the results you have had over the years and will have in the incoming one.

One more thing, don’t work on having a good job in XYZ company, work on being the right fit for the position.

Did you learn something? Please share them with me.

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