What is purpose? =The dictionary meaning of purpose is this “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists” Purpose is the reason why something was created.

It this the reason why something exists. We cannot fully understand purpose without relating it back to God. Everything God created in the beginning was meant to serve a purpose. Nothing existed arbitrarily. The sun was created for a purpose. The moon had a reason for existence. The birds, fishes, animals, water, air, sea, ocean, mountains, light, darkness, name it….they all had a purpose for their being. Let’s come to man – if you’re a bible student you’ll discover in Genesis 1, that God’s purpose for creating man was very clear and simple:
1. Let us make man in OUR OWN IMAGE
2. Let them have dominion – over
(a) the earth
(b) all other living creatures

Let’s look at the first one: our primary purpose for being here is to REFLECT God’s IMAGE. God’s image is glorious – He has an aura, a glory, a dignity and presence about Him. He is awesome. No wonder people who are influential have an aura around them. God is creative and He has also given us that nature. So man by nature is creative. All the things we see today are a manifestation of the creativity that God has placed in man.
We have seen so many inventions and there are still more to come. These inventions are solutions to problems around us. What problem were you created to solve? Have you discovered that? Additionally, We were made to have dominion over the earth and other animals. Man wasn’t created to have dominion over other people. We need to also get this point right. We are all created for a purpose, equipped with potential and loaded with the ability to make unimaginable impact in the world.
A pen is created write….
A car is designed to move and convey people and goods from one place to another…that’s its purpose. A car cannot do what a pen or shovel or tractor can do!. So there’s really no need for comparison. Quit doing that if you are in the habit of doing so. You didn’t come here to compete with anyone.
A piano was invented to play music.

Therefore, a piano or pen in the store or table is wasting away. It is not fulfilling purpose. The powerful thing about purpose is that when a man discovers his purpose, he does it effortlessly.
Fish don’t go to swimming school to learn how to swim. They just swim
Birds don’t need to learn how to fly, they just fly.
I discovered while preparing for this class that when a man discovers and fulfills his purposes, he is not threatened by death. Hmmm…I want to get to this point. Lord please help me. ST. Paul died willfully He said “I have finished my race…” I don’t think I can say that today. I want to get to that point. He was ready to go because he has completed his purpose. If there’s anything we need most today – we need to discover our purpose for living. Note these 5 questions you and I MUST ask and answer if we really want to live a fulfilled life.
These are the 5 vital questions:
1. Who am I? – Identity
2. Where am I from? – Source
3. Why am I here? – Purpose
4. What can I do? – Potential
5. Where am I going? – Destiny

1. Know this: you’re not your job, career, business, title, position… people who attach much importance to this fall into depression when for example they lose their jobs or their business goes bankrupt. You must identify who you are. If someone asks you now “WHO ARE YOU?” What will be your answer?
2. Next, on the question of your heritage or source? You’re not Nigerian or British or whatever nationality you have today. Your source is deeper than that. Truth is you can never know you are until you know where you’re from? That’s the challenge we battle with. Jesus knew where he came from – heaven, from God! That’s why He was powerful. When you know where you’re from, you can never be the same. Once I was at the airport and I saw they way some rich kids were
acting towards security personnel? What gave them that courage?
They knew their source! Just a phone call to their dads or mum, that would settle any matter.! Phew!!! What courage! Wow. Dem no dey fear at all.
3. That will all battle with. If we don’t know 1 & 2, there’s no way we can address this question. I’ll come back here and close with it.
4. What can you do? What potential or capacity do you have? What innate power, energy, untapped resource do you carry?
Potential means:
Dormant ability
Untapped power
Kept capacity
Unused success
Hidden energy
Reserve strength
Unleashed talent
Some of the things some of us are proud of, God is ashamed of, because He sees us living below what we are capable of. When a man uses 10% of his potential, he is called a genius. Sadly, many of us including me use less than 1% of our potential. Each human being has billions of cells, yet the school system uses 2hours of exam for example to test a Man’s ability and decide he can never succeed. Some people’s future have been thwarted by a teacher or an exam Imagine a test or exam which last for some hours used to decide what a person’s future will be!.

Some of us are still living under the curse of the exams we took years ago because they told us we were not good in maths, or English or art. Little wonder some of the most successful people today are school drop-outs!. I’ll share some points

I discussed with some group of people recently.
1. Everyone craves success
2. Success is predictable – why? This is because life is designed by laws. There are principles you must follow that will guarantee success. The success of everything God created protects God’s creation. Every product a manufacturer makes has its name on it. Please follow me. So God also has His name on YOU! Is. 43:1-5. No product leaves a manufacturing plant until it has been tested. Why? To make sure it is working according to the purpose for which it was manufactured.

So you left heaven to earth a finished product. Tested and certified. So it only leaves when it is FINISHED. they’re so sure it will work that they put in the package a book, called a manual. In the manual, they tell you all the things the product can do, features, functions, etc. Next, they also put something else called a “WARRANTY or GUARANTEE “. Frankly, we never really read those manuals when we buy that phone or TV set…we just open and use. The manual call it operating manual tells us how to operate the gadget. If we keep to those instructions the product is guaranteed to work OPTIMALLY – to fulfill its purpose.

Now this warranty simply tells you that they trust that their product will work well, because it is tested and trusted. However, if there’s a defect, you can return it and they’ll either fix or give you another one in exchange. Why will they take the pain to return the product at their expense when they don’t even know you personally? It’s not because they like you.

Total recalled millions of cars at their expense and compensated the buyers which cost them a fortune, millions of dollars. Why? The reason they do this is because of their REPUTATION!. It is for their namesake!. As I wrap up, please take note of the following:
God wants you to succeed because if you don’t His reputation is at stake!
The day I learnt this, my thinking and mindset changed
Your manual for success is the Bible
1. Everyone desires success
2. Success is predictable
3. Failure is predictable
4. Life is designed for you to excel
5. God is committed to your success
6. Your success is good for God

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