What if I tell you that you are the one responsible for your present condition? ⁣

What if I tell you that you are the one holding yourself back from achieving your dream? ⁣

You want financial freedom. ⁣

You crave for it so badly, yet you are holding yourself back from doing the needful to get it. You have 101 excuses why you can’t cast your net. ⁣

There is no week that passes that I don’t get people inbox me to help them with starting an online business. And most times, when I educate them on how it works in the online business world, they get frightened. ⁣

They want a get-rich-quick strategy. Most times, I get questions like, ‘how long will it take for me to start making money?’ Or, ‘can I generate 6 figures from this kind of business?’⁣

They want something that is guaranteed, like a salary. ⁣

They forget that we that are making money from this online businesses as our full-time hustle were not guaranteed that we will become who we are today. ⁣

I started my first online business as a freelance writer with no hope of one day running it as a full-time business. All I wanted was just to be making money by the side — as a side hustle. ⁣

Today, the story is different. I no need to tell you wetin happen for Abule. ⁣

Everything yakpa, everything dey. Oshey 🙏. ⁣

Children of God, if you don’t cast your net, how will you know what will happen? ⁣

I am very sure that if I had never started my first online business as a freelance writer, I would not have launched this other businesses I am running presently. ⁣

The book of Matthew 21 vs 6 says that Jesus commanded Peter and his fishermen to cast their net into the deep. And when they did, they couldn’t draw out the net because it was filled with fishes. ⁣

IMAGINE if they had disobeyed….⁣

They would have gone home without catching any fish for that day. ⁣

The problem is you don’t have faith in yourself. You find it hard to believe that someone can help you and your life will change forever. ⁣

Am I not saying the truth? ⁣

Is that not why you are hesitating to enroll for that online class or buy that ebook? ⁣

Just like Steve Harvey was telling you to jump in one of his video, I am telling you now to cast your net. My brother, God need to bless you. But for him to bless you, he needs a channel. ⁣

What is in your hand that He should bless? Your job is not your own. That may not be His plan for you. ⁣

I had to resign as a mathematics teacher because my freelance writing business was paying 10X what I was earning as a teacher. ⁣

If I had not made that channel available, I would still be teaching in that school, maybe thinking of how to leave the country to Canada sef (not a bad time to revisit that thought sha). ⁣

What are you doing right now that God should bless? ⁣

If you don’t take a leap of faith to start that business, how will He bless you? ⁣

Cast your net buddy! ⁣

You can never tell how many fishes you will catch. ⁣

Go get money for that business you have in mind and launch it. ⁣

Go buy that ebook. ⁣

Go enroll in that online course. ⁣

Go pay that person to teach you his or her business or skill. ⁣

You are not broke because of the economy, you are broke because you are afraid to take a leap of faith. ⁣

The people you admire casted their net long time ago before the world could celebrate them, before the world could even know they existed. ⁣

If you don’t cast your net, no one, and I repeat, no one will know about you. ⁣

This is a new week. That which you are looking for is looking for you. ⁣

Grace is upon you! ⁣

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