How I lost my virginity Episode 2

While I’m enjoying my university life, my own personal life had really changed, as a 100level student, I was introduced to a lot of characters, the good, the bad, and the handsome, although I related free with everyone, I still carried a burden in my chest, a scar in my heart and hate in my mind.
. I listened with great attention at my opponent, who spoke with authority like he wrote the textbook himself…d–this stupid lecturer had given us a presentation to present, and in all the students around, he chose this brilliant dude to be my opponent.
He spoke and quoted with authority, he’s speech, fluent like that of Obama.

I couldn’t help but notice that he was equally handsome. I guess I must have seen him around, probably flirting with one of those loose girls, I didn’t really know much about him.
Thank you mister Kinsley, the lecturer spoke out, after the nerdy handsome guy had finished his presentation, hmmmn, his name was “Kinsley”, like I cared! Durrrh!
I came out and stood in front of the class and began my presentation, but while I was at it, I felt what I said really didn’t make any point, it seemed the “Kinsley” or wat was he called, had taken all the glory with his charisma and “textbook quoted” speech. Besides, am not a girl that likes to lose, especially when it relates to book stuff, because am a bookworm, and i would really feel so awfully if I come to lose that presentation.

My fears were brought to reality, when the lecturer announced the winner of the presentations–t lost, another blow to my face, I felt as if something was stolen from me. Instantly I developed a bit of transgression towards Kinsley.
I had already picked up my bag and was heading out of the class when sum one held my hand.
I turned around, it was no other person than KINGSLEY……


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