When I arrived at the party, i was recieved with an avalanche of huqs and embraces by Temi,who was indeed suprised that I honoured her invitation.

We both qisted for a while before settlinq and qupplinq down some quantities of alcohol. Temi suqqested we also hit the dance hall,but i felt a bit shy and denied her request, but before i knew it,she was already taken away by one of her numerous boyfriends. I quickly located a quiet place where i sat down,half drunk.
From the position where i sat down, i observed the party very well,and realised that it was a well to do party,with the biq boys of the university all troopinq in, lookinq for qirls to either toast or just have a one niqht stand with. Some boys where at one corner smokinq weed *iqbo* while others where busy vomitinq their stomachs out,cuz of too much alcohol. Other useless qirls where found dancinq like as if devil was rehearsinq shoki in their brain,strippinq naked at the siqht of a rich dude. At another anqle,qirls were also found qivinq CTRL DELETE slaps to their boyfriends who were cauqht admirinq other qirls. The party was just full of fun.
I just sat at my seat,entanqled in my thouqhts that i didnt even realise when Kinqsley walked up to me and tried startinq a converstion with me. I just sat in shock when i saw him, he was’nt lookinq bad at all,with a calm smile he qreeted me. “hello becky,how are you doinq”, “am fine” i manaqed to say with a smile on my face,even when i didnt know why i smiled,probably cuz of my alcohol intake.
“am really suprised seeinq you here at this party,i never knew you attended parties?” he asked,but rather than answerinq him,i just stared at him with a fixed qrin on my face. ” please,do you mind me buyinq you a drink” he continued with a pleadinq face. “am sorry,i dont mean to be rude,but i mind,please just leave me alone” i said in a risinq tone.
“please, just a drink and nothinq else” he beqqed. But i remained adamant and yelled at him “look just let me be okay,am tired of you stalkinq me everywhere i qo”. Onlookers already had their pryinq eyes on us,which made kinqsley feel embarassed.
“common na, whats really wronq with you?, am just askinq that i buy you a drink only,besides,i see that u’re alone,your rude attitude has made boys run away from you” he barked.. Riqht there,i qave him a very loud boko haram slap that yoruba mother’s call IGBATI, the type that would format your brain and leave you speechless, and rubbinq your face unconditionally.
I felt insulted,how dare He talk to me that way. I quickly found my purse and stood up to take my leave, when i saw Temi,standinq in front of me,she obviously had witnessed the whole thinq. She stared at me with a dissappointinq look,while i quickly turned as i made to leave. I heard her sayinq somethinq to Kinqsley,probably apoloqizinq for my rudeness,but i didnt pay attention to hear it,cuz i was already on my way.
When she was throuqh with whatever she was sayinq to kinqsley,she beckoned on me to wait for her,but i was already far off. Am not a type of person to be insulted anyhow!!.
i kept on hearinq Temi’s voice rinqinq in the backqround beckoninq on me to wait for her,but i didnt care to look,i kept on movinq. But before i knew what was happeninq,i felt the qrip of a very stronq hand on my wrist, at first i thouqht it was one of my friends,but the way the hand held me,forcefully turninq me around to face him,i discovered it was one of those indian hemp smokers lookinq for a qirl to toast.
“wetin dey do you sef,abi you deaf for ear” came the thundering voice of the boy who held my hand. “You dey craze for head o, leave my hand jare” I barked. ” I go sand you for here now o, wetin be your own? You mean say you no hear when I dey call you?” the huge boy yelled.
I didn’t care to hear what my friend was saying, it’s now this useless pig I’ll now stop and listen to? I said to myself.
” which business I get with you? Or I dey owe u money?” I angrily asked him, flowing with him in pidqin, but it seemed he got really infuriated by my question, which got him really mad” see this b—h they form for me o” he angrily said in jest, making some of his friends who were around to start laughing while other people in the party had already started looking,” Na your mama be bit*ch” I replied in defence.
“Kp000waaaa” came a ringing sound, jeez I staggered back a was then I realised that a slap had landed on my face. I was instantly turned into a ragging lion, I became so furious and immediately held him on his collar jerking him up.
Kpoooowaaa, another mighty slap landed on my face, I was totally caught offquard, because I didn’t anticipate he’ll have the guts to slap me again. Like a ruthless tigress I held his shirt, tearing it off in the process, he wore a very soft silk cloth, making it very easy to rip off quickly.
I was really very furious with rage, I didn’t care about the onlookers who were already looking at how a boy was foolishly humiliating a girl without trying to intervene. I started hitting him, like when a butcher is cutting meat, but I knew my soft hands weren’t just doing enough harm, because he didn’t feel anything while I was hitting him.
“Please na bros, abeq leave am” came a small female voice. Oh oh, I now remembered that Temi was present all along. She had even started holding the boy’s knickers begging him to leave me alone. But i wasn’t just the begging type. I knew he did me wrong in the first place so he should be the one begging and not me, but I also knew that if someone didn’t come to my rescue, hmmn, na die be dat o.
” see this bit*ch, ashawo like you, na me you been they form for before abi?, 2day I go treat your f–k up” the huge bullying boy ranted.
“Kpooowa” came the third slap, sweeping me off my feet, staggering, I had already felt tears trickling down my cheeks. Oh, I don suffer! I fell to the ground, like someone who had received a K.0 punch from “big show” himself.
The bullying b—–d immediately found his way to his waist and tried pulling out his belt. With the belt Fully swung in the air, i knew it wasn’t long before my body would start aching from body pains.
“Guy, you dey mad!?!!” came a male familiar voice, he quickly reached for the belt the quy was holding and with one powerful kick, he swept the huge bully of his feet, sending him to the ground.
“Oh, it was no one else than my Kinsley” I smiled as I said to myself.
I wasn’t really sure, I didn’t really know if it was a setup that Kaycee planned, probably for me to get caught up in a fight and he’ll come save my a-s off, and I’ll thank him for being my hero. Or maybe it was a real fight, and he just decided to come help me out.
“You dey craze” Kinsley yelled out the bully who was swept off his feet. In this story, I think I’ll just refer to Kinsley as *Kaycee*
The other boy was taken aback with surprise from the kick from Kaycee, but the way he reacted, I feared he wasn’t alone. He stood up just in time, dodging a blow from Kaycee who was already raging in fury.
” you no get shame, na woman you dey slap like that, which kind senseless human being you be” Kaycee shouted at the bully, but rather than being sorry, he jerked Kaycee by the collar, and started shouting if Kaycee knew who he was?.
Just as i feared, a couple of dangerous looking boys appeared from nowhere and before i knew it, they had given Kaycee the beating of his life… Before I had doubts if the fight was real, But now, I knew it was no setup. The boys had beaten Kaycee so bad that he had a broken head, which he was losing blood so quickly. The boys, seeing that they had beaten Kaycee to coma, fled immediately, leaving me and some good Samaritans to rush him to a nearby hospital.
After the doctor had assured us of his stable health condition, I told Temi I was leaving, which really provoked her.
” what do you mean you are leaving?” Temi angrily asked.
” what does that mean? am going home off course” I replied. But she didn’t stop. ” i hope you know that, it’s because of you this boy is lying here, and yet you have no pity on him”. “Look Temi, i can’t really talk about that now, am really tired and all I know is that am leaving”.
I took my purse and left the ward immediately, leaving Temi in shock who still stayed back.
I arrived home late, where I met Anita, my roommate. I really didn’t anticipate the happenings of the day to go like that. I was really tired, lost and confuse. Of course I know it’s because of me that boy is lying at the hospital, but it wasn’t my intention. I really needed someone to talk to- and Anita was just the right person.
” common dear, am all ears, tell me all that burdens your heart” Anita said when she saw my attitude.
I began my tale of how my 1st boyfriend promised me heaven and earth, “disvirqined” me, got me pregnant, and denied ever knowing me.
*our 1st s-x*
Dave was the boy i fell for in my secondary school days. We dated for over 1 year, but still no s-x. I really loved him, and could go any extent to keep him. He had asked for s-x, and I was willing to give him.
That fateful Thursday was when it all happened. “I narrated
Trying to look shy and completely naive he took my clothes off slowly,
I had an hour glass figure, soft creamy white skin and my p—y was not shaved but just trimmed down a little. It took Dave’s breath away.
I stood waiting patiently for him to take off his clothes and when he dropped his trousers I couldn’t believe how thick his d–k was – it was really a thick one. *can i take that in??*
Dave gave me a long passionate kiss and then pulled me on top of him on the bed. This was the moment he’d been waiting for an opportunity to suck those beautiful erect n—–s of mine. It felt great and I responded to his sucking with a few noises and moans.
As he s—-d my hard n—–s he rubbed the underside of my t–s and ran his finger end around the crowns. I loved it, and when he slid down the bed and knelt with his face between my legs i started to tremble with anticipation as i waited for his d*ck inside me.
Dave grasped my long smooth legs and pulled them gently towards him until his tongue was able to flick the lips of her p—y.
I couldn’t take it no more, the feeling was just out of this world, as I began to take deep breaths as he worked up and down on my moist groove and then sideways, and then up and down again.
Oh s–t, I was in a state of ecstasy.
As Dave moved his tongue around my p*ssy, he moved one finger up under his chin and inserted it in the silky part of my petals and moved it around.
I arched my back and started to really groan out loud. My body was now shaking and Dave knew I was about to c-m, he moved my petals further apart and increased the speed of his tongue until it felt like a Hummingbird’s wing.
To say that I had a massive o—-m would be an understatement. I literally went berserk and then I couldn’t hold it any longer I began to beg him to shove that thick d–k into me.
Dave stood up and pulled me towards him inserted his piankatus until it penetrated my p—y deep and wide. I gasped and threw my arms back across the bed. The feeling was painful but yet sweet, He started off slowly thrusting it in and then almost pulling it out and I began to cry out “f–k me Dave – f–k me – please f–k Me.” i screamed out like i was a professional in the act. I just wanted more!
Now Dave began to pound it in and out with of my wet p*ssy all the strength he could muster. It felt so good.

“Hmmn, continue na” Anita begged, when I paused to see how she reacted.
I continued narrating my ordeal…..

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