My anger fueled within as I turned around to face him. “What possible reason would make him want to talk to me?, I thought”.
“What do u want!!!”,I fired at him, with rage from the disgrace I just faced not minding the prying eyes of onlooking students.
“Hello” he greeted me, expertly dodging my question. With a big smile across his face like he had made it his plan to utterly disgrace me that day. “I just want to commend you for what you pulled out there, you were really amazing” he said.
I just couldn’t believe my ears, what did he take me for?? That I couldn’t beat him in book stuffs?, rather than making a move, I just stood there, frozen like a statue.
“I was wondering if we could meet, and talk over a bottle of drinks, no strings attached” he continued.
Something in me felt like giving him a good slap right there, but I held back. I gave him a scornful look which could break any boys heart, hissed and went away.

“i just cant understand WHY you chose to disgrace that handsome young dude who meant no harm by asking you over to have a couple of drinks with him”, ANITA barked.
Anita was my room mate who was in the same department as I. She had always been against my rudeness towards boys, with a mentality that “it may come back and bite me in the blow”..

Although, she was my good friend, I just couldn’t continue with her incessant chants and yelling, on how I treat boys.
“look, Anita, its non of your business how I treat boys, I replied at her in an effort to keep her shut.
“but cant u see, you cant continue treating boys this way because of your past experience, that u have decided to keep to yourself. its just not fair”, she added.
“please Anita, i have had enough embarrassment for one day, let me be”, I begged of you, with hopes on getting her shut up.
“please Becky, for your own sake”, Anita cried out,” I don’t know what your past experience might have been, but you just have to let it go and open yourself to reality, to the world, they are still humans” she advised pleadingly as she concluded and left the room without another word.
“finally, some alone time to myself”, I thought, as I fell on the mind quickly raced back to what Anita had said. Maybe it was time to face reality, or probably face the world. I shouldn’t avenge the sin of one person on the head of another innocent person.. Like she said ‘they are still humans”. Maybe I should loosen up to the real deal, maybe I should cut them some slack…. *sobbing*
But on a second thought, i just couldn’t, the burden my heart carried couldn’t be forgiven easily. Their gonna have to pay the price, I don’t care who gets hurt. I thought,
Visible tears had already started trickling down my cheeks as i continued in thoughts.
To be continued…
Sorry for delaying, am a lazy writer. lolz
Still waiting….. Getting more interesting
I had barely settled in my thoughts when my phone rang bringing me back to reality. I lazily picked the phone and answered it without even bothering to check who was calling.
“Hello, who is this?” I asked, “arrqha, you mean you don’t have my number?” came the voice. I tried recollecting whose voice that was, when the caller spoke out again, “its me Tolu, your best friend nah!, so you don’t have my number? “Oh oh, am so sorry, why wont I have your number?” I responded defensively, answering question with question. “am in bed and I didn’t even check the phone to know who was calling” I replied.
“Chai, you’re enjoying o, see how lazy you are, this hot afternoon, you’re in bed??. Anyway shah, you promised you’ll be present at my cousins birthday party, but now you’re telling me you’re still in bed, not fair o”, tolu asked.
“jeez, I cant believe I totally forgot about the party” I said, ” I don’t think I can still make it, because am not feeling quite well”.
“Hmmm, abi belle don enter?” tolu asked mischievously, “what kind of nonsense question is that” I fired back to tolu who was already laughing rhetorically.
Tolu was my best friend, although, one thing I hated in her was the way she teased and played pranks with people,mockinq them intentionally.
“am just kidding” came her reply as she continued, ” common na babe, you had promised you would be present at the party and don’t promise and fail now o”, She begged.
“Okay okay, whatever!!, I’ll try to come, but I would be late o” I tried assuring tolu, who always loved taking me out to parties wherever and whenever.
” That’s my girl, and don’t forget to bring your boyfriend o” tolu said again teasingly.
Seriously, that girl had gone nuts, she wasn’t ignorant of how I felt about boys but she always had a joke to play, mocking me every bit.
“what kind I joke is that?” I asked, feigning anger, “you better stop it o, I don’t like it, in fact am not coming to that party again”, I responded trying to draw out pity, but it even increased my situation as she teased me the more.
“Eyah, I was even thinking of arranging one handsome dude for you here” she said, which really made me mad.
Honestly, that girls tongue really needed spanking at that moment.
“it seems u have credit to burn this afternoon bah?” I asked, as Tolu continued in her infectious laughter. I hissed as I cut the call.
I really didn’t have to go to the party, but something compelled me to-. I took a quick shower in my bathroom as I got ready to go to the party, caught totally unawares, of what I would face there.
To continue, Click here
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