It’s awesome having you here. Let me quickly start by shaking the table and debunking the myth of ‘quick fixes to mastery and success.’

I have come to the realisation at different times that what we term as ‘popular wisdom’ most times, rarely passes the simple test of common sense.

Recipes and secrets being pushed as the formula for mastery and successes, financial freedom, investment successes and so on are the leading causes of business failure, financial failure, frustration, disappointment and so on.

I am sure you have come across adverts or promotional material such as:

“… a super and easy formula on how to lose weight in thirty days eating what you love without exercise.”

Those looking for a magical weight loss short cut will fall for it without passing the thought through the filter of common sense.

It is common sense that if you keep eating junk food or eating without reduction in your food portion [calories intake] and without regular exercise, weight loss will always be a dream.

Here is another one:

“how to get your mind right to passively become a millionaire in thirty days just by working four hours per week from your kitchen table in your pyjamas.”

Many have subscribed to courses, bought so-called best sellers etc. and yet financial success has remained a dream and sometimes are in worse financial shape than when they started.

Year in, year out, different quick fixes formula get pushed out. But when you think about someone you admire in your profession, someone who has achieved the success or fits the bill of what you are aspiring to attain, you will inevitably find years of practice, hard work, patience, persistence, correction, more practice, and more corrections are the secret to their success.

You will find they have a willingness to make mistakes and an uncommon ability to learn and course-correct as a result of those mistakes.

Therefore, if you think there is a quick fix somewhere or shortcut to mastery and success, permit me to shout this in your ears: There is NO shortcut, NO quick fixes to mastery and success.

Of course, there are smarter ways to mastery and success, such as using the power of leverage. Yet you have to learn the ropes. Mastery and success do not come easy, like some paint it to be. It has always required diligence, and it not about to change from that now.

Diligence is simply: consistently working hard and being productive.

If you run through history, you will NOT find overnight legends or effortless greatness, regardless of the field of endeavour.

Gold medals are never won by the competitor who did the least or read a book on how to run a marathon and not get tired, much less worked four hours only in a week.

The people you are aspiring to get to their level of success all started at the back of the line. They practiced for countless hours, stayed in line, followed the advice of great mentors that have been there and done that, overcame numerous obstacles, had some providential breaks, committed to being learners, practiced countless more hours, and eventually got to the front of the line. It did not happen overnight. The idea of quick fixes to mastery and successes is but a myth.

Now, you are at the spot they were some years back when their success was not obvious at the beginning of the journey to themselves or anyone else who happened to be watching, but they were consistent with their showing up, acquiring and improving their skills, practising and getting themselves dirty on the job and consistently learn the ropes.

Again, looking at it closely, there was only one time that quick fixes to mastery and success worked. That time was NEVER!

You cannot re-invent the wheel for mastery. It only comes by practice, over and over again when you feel like it and when you do not feels like doing it. That is how you attain mastery and become valuable.

The fastest way to high places, to attain mastery and success is to be valuable. Value comes with daily grinding. Value attracts success.

Keep on learning the ropes, keep on being valuable, you will surely reap the benefit if you faint not.

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