So I’ll discuss about how to invest even if you don’t have a Dime.

Now you might not have a *Dime* but there is one currency everyone has and it is called Time

To get knowledge, You will pay with Time and money (Typical example is the School)

To get money: You pay with Time and Knowledge (Typical example is the Work place)

But the beauty is when you want more time. Time to spend with your family, vacation, Rest, etc

You pay with knowledge (of the right place and skill to invest) and the Money(The right amount to invest)

1. Still on those that have only time and no money, you need to build your knowledge before you get the money

You invest the time that you have to acquire the superior knowledge that you don’t have.

So start with reading resources, educational videos, books. Most of these resources don’t cost so much, you only need Data sometimes and other times you just need to go to a Library and read books, get ebooks that are free and consume them

2. You can also invest in people through service. A popular tribe in Nigeria, West Africa would send their children at a young age to go invest their time serving entrepreneurs, and at a certain age when they have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge, they are paid financially or through setting up a business enterprise for them. In the western world, they call it internship. (It makes sense now right)

You can offer Virtual assistance online too, most professionals are very busy persons,

This would help you to get wisdom and learn from the experience of those already ahead of you in your career or field.

So Let’s say one is trying to become a Brand strategist, you can offer to help a brand company at little cost, or no fee at all and glean from the wisdom, learn how they operate, their flaws and strength and also the networking (very important)

3. Invest in Relationship, you sometimes don’t need money to invest in a relationship, always refer customers for people who you want to be like, get close to.

You can offer to sing their praises, create a testimonial for them to attract people, follow brands you’re interested in and comment on their posts, engage with them.

You don’t need to do it for big brands alone, support upcoming brands now that they aren’t so popular so that when they do become popular, you would be in their good books.

I heard of a Man, Dave MacPherson the first member of the public to become a paying guest at Disneyland, and he was given a golden Pass which gives him access to all Nine theme parks owned by Walt Disney (Amazing right)

Christiano Ronaldo talked about how some ladies would always feed him when he had no money to buy food, and how he hoped to repay them, those ladies unknowingly invested into the life of a future super star, and Christiano Ronaldo talked about how he hoped to make their lives better if he met them.

Chadwick Boseman would always tell of how Denzel Washington paid his school fees while he was in the Academy, little did he know that Chadwick would be the Black Panther.

These are the surest ways to invest without having a dime. Hope you found value?

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