How To Read 4 Books Monthly In 2021 Even If You Are Too Busy Like A Politician or Bank Manager

Reading a book weekly is something I have done and seen its impact in my life. So what I will be sharing is not theoretical but practical insights that will help you accomplish your book reading goal in 2021.

Before you can achieve reading a minimum of one book weekly, you must understand the following;

A. Reading a book weekly is not a fun affair. The reason why you are reading a book is not to fulfill all righteousness.

You should not read a book because people are suggesting it to you rather read a book because you want to invest in your personal development.

Without a strong why behind your reading a book, giving up will be very easy. You will be distracted and won’t take it serious because there is no strong reason behind your reading a book.

I decided to take up reading two books weekly this year and I have my strong reason for that. If you don’t have any strong reason for reading books then laziness and procrastination will be your roommate.

B. Reading a book is not the end goal. You are reading that book so you can implement what you read.

If all you do is read a book and nothing more then you will become am encyclopedia of books but no single result will be seen in your life as evidences for reading those books.

For me to be reading two books weekly then it means double work because I am going to be implementing weekly two books.

Readers are not leaders because they read a book, they are leaders because they used what they read and got results.

So now you understand the above, how do you read a minimum of one book weekly?

First thing is to craft out a schedule for it. If you don’t create time for something then you didn’t place a schedule or put it in your schedule.

When you wake up in the morning, what time do you want to be reading daily? Pick that time and stick to it.

It can be at least 30 minutes to an hour daily depending on you.

Second way to read a minimum of one book weekly is to get into a book reading club. I started one already and we plan to read a minimum of 52 books in 2021.

The goal is to hold each person accountable to read and also get results from what they read.

Sometimes you fix a time to read but you become distracted and lazy to continue the routine. This is where a book reading club comes in to help you stay focused and on track.

With these explanations, you should be able to read and implement all you read from a minimum of 52 books this year.

Remember, readers are not leaders until they implement what they have read.

Success in your reading a minimum of one book weekly this year.

Have you gotten value from this piece? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section.

Godstime Efeni

Light bearer, entrepreneur, book project consultant and content profitability coach

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