Let’s Wrap It Up πŸ’―

366/366 is definitely an A grade,so, congratulations on this one. It can only be God who has brought us thus far. The feeling of gratitude to Him can never be overemphasized.

The year 2020 started like every other year and has come to an end just like every other year. Like every normal year, it had 12 months, it was fruitful to some and not to others, it buried some and birthed others, it impoverished some and enriched others. But unlike every other year, it can pass out as a raging one.

Some people say Mother Earth spoke to us differently, while some say it was a nightmare, a terrific year filled with negativity, suffering and tears.

To the business man, it was a challenging and interesting year with so much to adapt to. While to the man of God, it was a God filled year, a golden opportunity to wait on God.

With the outbreak of the pandemic came alot of changes and so much to adjust to. Also, the fear of The End , Frustration, Depression,Trauma etc….. eventually crept in as it was getting harder and harder to stay on complete lockdown .

Academically,it was a waste. Pupils and Students had to stay home to learn. Economically, it was a struggle with Recession. Let’s not even go to politics. The guys way up had a blissful game with the virus. Mentally, the year surely had it’s way with. I personally have never experienced one like it.

It is a fact that the coronavirus claimed a lot of lives within this space of time but the world has suffered other deadlier Pandemics, epidemics, and plagues through history. The black death, cholera, Spanish flu etc…. but Humanity survived,evolved and are still doing so.

So, don’t allow yourself to be cheated by sitting and blaming it all on the year. 2020 brought what it brought, but what did you bring and what are you taking out of it?

Like a gift wrapped and given to us, we unveil it to live each of it’s promising and challenging moments only to wrap it up (if you can) and move for the next.

Trust therefore in the Lord. Do not despair but keep your hope alive in this new gift we receive tomorrow. Let the Joy and celebration of a new year lighten your day. Let’s wrap up together in Thanksgiving and love and anticipate in hope.

Cheers to a productive year ahead πŸ₯‚


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