There is this mentally challenged woman not too far from our street. People don’t bother about her including myself. We pass her by most times like the priests and the levite passed the man travelling from Jerusalem to Jericho. She also have a beautiful daughter that normally stay with her by the side of the road.

Sometimes you see the child playing by herself and I can tell she doesn’t have friends. I like kids and whenever I see her playing by herself it makes me sad because I see and feel her loneliness.

On the other hand whenever I see the woman, I remember the mad woman that bite my ass when I was younger. It was a terrible experience for me which I will not even wish for my enemy.

You remember the kind of instruction that parents will give to their kids not to leave the house to play when they go out, but someone like me will still go downstairs to play football while someone will be on the look out to know when our parents will come back and tell us.

Someone like me will run upstairs upon the announcement that either of my parents are back and will even lay down on the bed pretending to be sleeping without even washing my leg, thinking I’m fooling them.
It happened that on one occasion our football fell off the fence of our compound and I was asked to go and find it.

Coming out of the gate I saw a woman gently walking away with our ball as if it was her possession. How can people be like this I said to myself as I approached her. I asked her to give me the ball that it belonged to me, but she didn’t even look at me talk more of responding.

I quickly jumped and snatched the ball from her but she caught me as I was landing on the ground. I abandoned the ball as I scampered for my dear safety but she still held me. She carefully raised down my short and bite my left ass.

I shouted in pain and as a reflex action farted without restraint on her face. I remembered eating beans with pap that morning hence had a reservoir of gas in me. I guess my fart made her more angry and she bite my right ass before finally releasing me and running away with our ball.

I went home with paralysis on my ass amidst fear that I will start running mad any moment having been bitten by a mad person. I and soul together. While still at the vendor’s shop, the mad woman’s little daughter came in front of the shop.

Last weekend I took a walk down the street and used the opportunity to buy fufu which I normally use to keep body and soul together. While at the vendor’s shop the little daughter to the mad woman came, standing in front of the vendor’s shop. The vendor shouted at her and gesculated that she leaves the front of her shop that she pursuing customers for her.

I saw the sorrows in her eyes as she was about leaving to where her mum was sitting while talking to herself. I was deeply moved almost to tears. I quickly collected two Amstel malt and gala and ran after her, abandoning my fufu.

She didn’t say thank you when I handed her the items, but I saw how grateful she was from her eyes. I knew her mother saw me since we were not far from her. I went home that day feeling grateful to God on one hand and on the other hand happy that I didn’t fight my conscience when God wanted to use me.

I went back this afternoon to the shop to get some items only for rain to start falling immediately I left from there. I was not with an umbrella hence my resolve to allow the rain fall on me bearing in mind I was not far from the house. I was walking briskly when I noticed someone running towards me from behind. I turned and saw it was the mad woman and I bolted.

To confirm my suspicion, I started running pretending it was because of the rain but she ran after me. The ground was already slippery and one of my footwear slipped from my feet. I wanted to pick it but on realizing she was closer than I imagined, I abandoned it for her. Looking back to know the situations of things, I noticed she was picking the slippers and also was with an Umbrella.

Thinking that the situation was calmed, atleast she now have one leg of my footwear, she started pursing me again. Sincerely I knew I was loosing breathe “Maka na ume a diro m igba oso”(I do not have the strength to run) but I regained my strength when I remembered my encounter with her colleague.

I got to the junction of my street and unfornately everywhere was water logged. Was still trying to make a decision on the way forward when she finally caught up with me. As she was raising her hand towards me, I blocked my face with my two arms in defence. I noticed the rain had stopped falling on me.

Looking up I saw she had covered me with her umbrella and she appeared to be calm . She didn’t say anything to me and out of fear I didn’t say a thing either but one part of me felt it was her way of thanking me for what I did for her daughter.

I left her there and went home with my “Potopoto body” immediately the rain stopped imagining if she was singing “Mmiri mara m, ebe na eso obi m ooo” while she was chasing me.


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