It is my first time of posting here, not because I don’t know what to post but because I was looking for an experience to share, so that people can learn from it. So Admin, please approve this my true life excruciating experience.

It all started on the 16th day of November, 2020 when I started noticing blood in my urine, at first I didn’t know what to make of it, until the whole urine turned to blood. The night was a very long night, as I kept urinating bloody urine until morning. The pain was out of this world, it was pepperish and hot at the same time.

By morning, I noticed that a Stone like object has blocked the tip of penis, making it difficult for me to pass urine. Infact, it took me two hours or more, just for some drops of urine to find it’s way out.

The burning pain when the urine could not find it’s way out, was another round of torture. So I visited the hospital, went for scan and the stone was detected just at the tip of my penis. After administering lots of antibiotics for a week, the stone was still there. Infact, once I feel the urge to urinate, my mind skips because it’s a whole lot of different exercise that demands lots of patience.

On one of such days when I was returning home from taking my injections, I saw a man rush to the gutters and within 5 seconds, he was done urinating, I shook my head and in my mind I said “this man doesn’t know what God has done for him”. From that moment, I started appreciating the luxury in urinating freely and peacefully, with all the urine fully discharged. Mine took hours and yet the whole urine won’t be out, kept dripping, as I padded up to soak it up.

After about one week of medication, the only noticeable change was the pain that reduced, but passing urine was still difficult, so the doctor referred me to a urologist.

I came back and I was perplexed, one mind said I should go see the urologist, but the other mind said No. Reason being that the doctor said that since the stone refused to dissolve and move out through urine, the next alternative was to be operated upon. Mehn! I wasn’t ready for anyone to touch my “Mr happy” with those blades, not when I have not fully utilized it.

Also consulting with my friends, they advised against it, stating that the penile area is very sensitive and any complication will lead to numerous other complications. So I stucked to my guns, then checked the internet for possible herbal medications.

I started drinking lots of

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