1. It actually ended in premium tears.I met him when I was writing my jamb exams in that year. It was a sweet and mighty love to the core, being the first guy I will dated and have an intimate relationship with, I fell in love so deeply that I couldn’t listen to the signal from people that that are closed to him and as well closed to meπŸ˜‘.My heart kept on comtroling me, telling me this is not the man for me, I kept on shutting this spirit leading me then and it got to a point whereby God started sending different people to me to tell me of how bad this guy could be to my spiritual life but I never listened to anyone. I even took some of them as enemies of our relationship, I stopped talking to alot of people because of this stupid talks then. I kept my distance away from people who talked about him in a bad way before me. Oh love really blinded me back then but now I knew it wasn’t love but lust..He complained of my long skirt and SU lifestyles and I changed to baddest girl because of you, he complained about so many things that I always did then that pleases GOD that its making him finding it difficult to move out with me or chill out with me. I started leaving life to pleased him and suit him.When God wanna punished me, he make this guy always maltreating me, he never beat me but his attitudes towards me are so bad. He will cheated on me to my face, he dated alot of my friends and did alot of bullshits I couldn’t mentioned here…. He really makes me went through hell. The funniest thing is I couldn’t move out of the relationship anymore, am finding it difficult to do so… We kept on pushing all these till we clock 5years together then I moved out of the country. Knowly that am now far from him, I kept on hearing alot of things his doing behind me then one day I cried so hard to God to come for my rescue and give me the boldly to break this hell relationship I put myself into. I fasted and prayed to God. He came for my rescue and I broke it…..

When God keep telling you to backup, if you don’t, he will deliberately cause that thing to hurt you deeply till you come to your sense…. He will put you in that storm that he know it can’t take away your life….

#My true life story but now I am fully recover back to my maker…. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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