Understanding laws and systems of operation are two important ways to accessing possibilities in this earth realm irrespective of tribe, religion etc.

Character is a summation in terms of the quality of someone’s behaviour as revealed in his/her attitude, habit, actions, personal philosophy of life etc. The dictionary puts it this way to be all the qualities/features that makes a person/group of people.

The word “character” derived from the Ancient Greek word “charaktêr”, meaning to a mark impressed upon a coin. Later it came to mean a point by which one thing was told apart from others. You could see the root meaning of character which in other words meant to be the distinct attribute of a thing that makes it peculiar either good or bad.

The tremendous effect of character in any individual is the beauty of excellence exuded by that individual. Lives can become better to the degree of improved character. When people disdain you and don’t want to associate, what’s the real problem causing all these chaos- check very intently you would have discovered is the lack of Character.


  • Character cannot be concealed or hidden.
  • When no one is there, a person’s real character is revealed.
  • Character either attract or repels people.
  • Most kind of failure in life is Character failure.
  • Your character whether good or bad outlives you.
  • Character can be influenced and modeled.
  • Charisma can lift one up but it takes only character to sustain such a one.
  • Character shapes your inherent leadership skills.


  1. Decision
  2. Meditation
  3. Consistent work on character
  4. Right actions
  5. Association

Characters can be improved upon because it makes you a better person. This improvement can only be due to the decision to take now. If you can work on the above list, I belt with you your whole life will be a speck of wonder because it brings tremendous effect for the world to see.


Few stories below that are evidence to the way most people handle life issues due to lack of right attitude by character.

A certain lady was asked what’s the time by a gentleman, she rather insulted the man thinking the Mr. Gent was to “toast” (woo) her. The man left the scene embarrassed. Few years later the lady was looking for job and saw a vacancy in a firm seeking for the position she applied for. On the day of the oral interview with the Managing director of the firm, unknowing to her that the Mr. gent she harassed years back was the MD. She lost the job all because of bad character.

Another story made me share tears years ago. A senior manager was very hot tempered and will insult and look down on all the junior staffs in the company where he was manager. An opening came from the owner of company for promotion. The senior manager’s name was picked amongst those quality for this promotion but a panel was set up to investigate their leadership skills by asking all the junior staffs who and whom was quality for that position. To the shock of the panel, all the comments received were all negative for the senior manager and eventually he was dropped. Most successes are usually maintained when good character is in view.

Big testimony awaits you. Just work a bit on your character and see nature unfold its good wishes towards you to what we call miracle. Miracles are not magical. Just play your part in the equation and see upliftment in all your endeavour.

Character is an attitude for controlling messy situations. Save that marriage, business and education career by working immensely on your attitude of approach to life- character and see what looks like a mystery unfold itself to positioning you for better tomorrow.

Never forget this- character can be worked upon just make that decision now while you can.

Best Regards,

Okoeguale George.

M&E Expert (NPSCMP)

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