Today, we shall examine new skills that can unlock treasures/opportunities. Investing knowledge is secret of sustainable investment. You cannot face new challenge with old skills.

Skills wherever knowledge goes, there civilization goes. Go back to history and see that nations rise when they embrace knowledge and become relegated when other nations overtake them in knowledge. There are no poor nation, what you have is poor people. One is not poor because he lives in a poor nation but because he lives among people who are poor in knowledge

Bishop Oyedepo said, I studied all the successful churches and minister, learnt from their successes and failures and that was why I am sure we will not fail. Do you know that when you study 40 biographies, you will be 40 years ahead of people in that field? People fail not because of lack of knowledge but not having enough. You need to know enough to excel. I taught marketing and business in the university for over 10 years but it was last year that I discovered that I did not know core knowledge in that area. I mean key insights that make business fail or scale.

There is a form knowledge that makes you an expert, that gives you value. Doing something few times or once in a while does not make you an expert. It is a recipe for mediocrity. If you want to know something deeper, do it repeatedly and consistently. Do it with intensity and in different ways and you will see the secret. No secret is kept at shallow level. If your knowledge of something is at definition level, then you are empty. So before you claim you know something, ask yourself how deep?

Knowledge becomes valuable if it is deep. But deep knowledge is not cheap. Deep knowledge is costly, takes time and requires privacy. Do you know why some people after hearing same message, learning new skills are still not progressing? It’s because they are still in the same environment. New skills are easily watered down in unfavorable environments. That is why you need to take tough decisions about where you live, church you attend, group you follow, mentors you listen to etc. It’s time we face the truth. Some motivational speakers will tell you to be whom you are and that your success lies in your passion. And that has ruined many people because it’s a half truth. Because if someone is on the right track, being yourself is good. But if someone is on wrong track, being yourself is a disaster.

Secondly, it’s not every passion that leads to success. What about someone who enjoys gossip? Will such passion lead to success? In fact here are some passion that will not make you a success….so mind the passion you are following. We have been told to be confident if we need to succeed. Yes, confidence is a great trait but we should not confuse it with competence.


It’s a competent man that stands before kings according to the bible. If you are competent is something that is valuable, then your success will sky rocket. You cannot compare a competent electrician with competent programmer. A man becomes valuable if his skills are scarce and in high demand. So far, we have established that successful people are specialist in an area….and they are a must be in high demand. And if you don’t have skills that are in high demand, don’t pretend. Take tough decision and start the journey of skill development.

10 Skills That Can Unlock Opportunities

1. Start by enlarging your mind capacity

You may think it’s not a skill but do you know that through your thoughts, you have conditioned your mind about what you cannot do. For example, you have not been talking and thinking about billionaire a problems and projects, your mind will shut out any idea that in billion. If you have focused only in your town or state, your mind will not tolerate ideas that have to do with other states or town. So enlarge your mind capacity by having audacious goals. A goal that sounds crazy now but possible in 10 years’ time. When I was building my house in the village, I was not looking at my income… I was building with 5years in mind. But do you know that presently, am blaming myself for having such a myopic building plan. Think in acres, not plots of land. Think about big businesses not shops….As a man thinketh, so he is.

2. Build your voice

Your voice means your presence. Your presence is manifested in how you write, speak and carry yourself. Bring a touch of class and excellence in your voice. Humility does not mean being cheap.

3. Develop critical thinking skills

Train yourself to look at issues critically, to analyze a situation, to question assumptions and to see what others could not see. Opportunities are seen with trained eyes… that is critical eyes. Do not accept every decision…stop being naïve. Stop over trusting people.

4. Decision making and problem solving skills

Learn to sit down, search for information and make intelligent decision. Stop spiritualizing your responsibility. Also learn to ask people how to solve problems. When you are facing a problem, wait, examine it and plan how to solve it. The more you do that, the more other people will be bringing you problems to solve. Your reward depends on problems you solve.

5. Branding and marketing

Make conscious effort to build your brand and market yourself. Most important skill in life is SELLING. A competent seller cannot go hungry.

6. Relationship skills

When you say ‘I don’t like relating with such people’… it does not show class, it shows mediocrity. Because you are cutting off over 20% of people in your life. Learn to relate with every one so you won’t scare your customer so helpers away.

7. Digital skills.

8. Money management and investment skills.

9.Technical skill about the business, your passion or your career.

10. Skills for incubation and right timing.


In conclusion, look for skills in high demand and you like and focus on MASTERINGIT.

Love it, go into it in details. For not focus on immediate return…Give yourself three years and you will begin to name your price.

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Written By Dr. K.C Onyima

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