On a Wednesday afternoon, I had to go the ATM to withdraw some cash for my dad because it was to be used urgently that same day.

I went to the ATM in diamond bank, terminus market. ( I don’t know why I like going there sef πŸ™„πŸ˜‘… )

The queue I met there was so long but I joined anyway. I stood there for about about 30minutes before I realized that the queue wasn’t moving at all; I was actually on my phone so I didn’t notice.

In short, it wasn’t moving before I came in. All the ATM’s were faulty and the people were just there hoping that the customer care unit rectifies the issue. Some were even shouting at the security men there. (I don’t know whose job it is to fix ATM wahala oo πŸ’).

Few minutes later, one started working and people rushed towards there, causing serious commotion. The people there were much as if it was on a weekend or Monday morning.

Before I knew it, some people started exchanging words. “Na me dey here! You were not here before, I must withdraw before you!” As if the ATM heard their quarrels and it stopped paying! Everyone scatter again.

One of the bank staffs came out and told the people to calm down and be orderly. But if you see the way people fired back at him eeh, ( this country sef, everyone is frustrated! ). He was just trying to be a gentle man while people raised their voices at him. He finally told them that if they don’t calm down, nothing will be done about the ATM but they were adamant.

It dawned on me that I was just wasting my time there, there were other ATM machines everywhere. It was clear that those people were not ready to do anything about the ATM so why was I still there sef? I told a guy behind me that we should try other ATM and he said; ” Aunty, I’m coming from first bank and that place is worse! I think its a general problem so I better stay here and secure my line instead of loosing both ways.

Las las, I told him I’m going home then. I’ve wasted so much time there. Imagine me going there 11:45 or so and leaving by 1:20, did they tie my legs there? Mtcheww….

Lo and behold, as I was just coming out and crossing to the other side, I saw just one man coming out from Zennith bank ATM stand. There was absolutely no one there again. I didn’t bother to ask him if it was paying. I just went there straight and inserted the ATM card, and voila! It was paying! I withdrew the money.

My ‘ church ‘ mind was telling me to go back to diamond bank and tell those people to come over to Zennith ( I could still see the crowd there ) but my ‘ logical ‘ mind told me I had no time to waste anymore so I ‘ jejely ‘ carried myself ‘ sharperly’ and started going my way. I don’t know it all ended there ooo.πŸ˜‚

You see, many times we allow ourselves remain stocked in situations and conditions that is clearly not working out or improving. Situations that we could have helped ourselves in.

Why didn’t I leave that ATM stand initially, and when I did, my intentions was to go home? Because our Nigerian mentality has conditioned us to reason that if we leave a particular ATM, we might meet a worse scenario else where…

In life, most people openly say they have no better options than what they have now. Who told you so? There are better options everywhere and new opportunities everyday. It’s just that you don’t want to open your mind to see them. God is the master of the universe and he created every other thing to ‘ ‘ serve ‘ you. God has placed so many options before us. Its our choice to choose from them.

Some people don’t envision themselves being in better places, they subconsciously want to remain in the same spot because they don’t see hope for a better tomorrow.

I know someone will say ‘ patience ‘ but wisdom tells us when something is totally wrong and isn’t working out at all. We can apply wisdom to everything we do. “Wisdom is profitable to apply”.

Yes! God is not an author of confusion. The same God that created you, created you and made different opportunities and options available for you to choose from and settle with at anytime. The same way he knew man would need meat and created the cow, goat and chicken. Its now your choice to choose from any of them at any given time.

Have you ever seen when one restricts himself from eating any other meat except goat meat? while there are other sources of meat? ( except on medical instructions or otherwise ).

If a condition is no longer favourable, please move! You’re not conditioned to remain in a place and be stagnant. Get angry with the situation you are in and PUSH!

Just like the sky is enough for every bird to fly, there is space for everyone to thrive.


Β© Oluebube Josephine, 2020.

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