Shut Your Mouth Up!

It was in July 2018 that my mum called me on phone very early in the morning. Some of the questions she asked me were a bit disturbing due to the way she asked them.

She began with “how are you?” and I answered “fine.” She paused for a while and asked, “are you sure?”
Then I replied “sure, I am perfectly fine.”

Then I became inquisitive because not only was it an early morning call unlike her, but she sounded worried.

So I asked, “Mumsy, (that is how I call her) hope everything is fine?”
She paused for a while and said. . .”There is this vision that came.”
“Which vision?” I asked.
“They said the spirit of death is in the family and is targeting you and myself, so please be prayerful.” She replied, sounding a bit scared.

My first impulse was laughter. But knowing how my mum can take some of these things seriously, I asked, “Who saw the vision?”

Then she told me it was a certain pastor who is a relative to one of her friends. This pastor came visiting and decided to pray for them, and after praying he decided to give her the vision he saw and told her she need to be very prayerful.

Crazy right???

It took me so much time to talk my mum out of that. Even after the call, I knew my mum was still worried.

Now, let me give you this background so you understand how pained I was.

In January 2016 my dad died. This man was the first and only man my mum ever loved. My mum married my dad when she was just about 18. When my Dad was dying, I was scared because I do not know if my mum could survive it. Thank God she did and still doing.

Then, all attention was focused on me because I am her first child. I tried to be there for her as much as I can. But just about three months after my dad’s burial, I was given the news that I have been posted to Malawi. It was not an easy time for me. I could not even summon the courage to tell her about it immediately. And when I finally did, I felt glad that she managed to be strong.

My mum has been having High Blood Pressure which we are trying to manage.

When she called me to tell me about the vision, it was 5AM. Her BP had increased. She was worried over the vision. This hurt me greatly.

If anything had happened to her, people would have said that the pastor was right in his vision and prophecy not knowing it was the fear and lies this pastor planted into her that would have actually killed her.

I have seen where this so called “seeing vision” made once a loving family to become enemies of each other. In a particular parish in Lagos, I once had an encounter with a lady who is advanced in age. A particular preacher once prophesied to her publicly that before the end of the year she will get married. The year ended, no marriage. All eyes were on her waiting for her to announce her marriage. Next year, no marriage. Two years after, still the same. The lady became desperate and depressed. She could not even go out because she felt something must be wrong with her for the vision and prophecy from a man of God not to come true in her life. It took so much to get her out of suicidal thought. It is still taking so much to get her to understand that marriage is not what defines her life.

Just in case you don’t know, a lot of all what pastors or preachers call “seeing vision” are guess work, lies and manipulations. They don’t come from God, one bit. Why it is painful is that they make it look like it is God who is saying it. And in no time you just see yourself believing it. Every little thing that will happen to you, even when it is ordinarily unrelated, you begin to link it with the vision.

Because of this vision that disturbed my mum so much, I made sure I travelled to Nigeria every year since 2018. Earlier this year, I was in Nigeria. At least, mum should see that I have not died, if that will help her to be stronger.

Do not let anyone to emotionally traumatize you into what they call “vision.” Do not struggle to know how tomorrow will be. Today is enough. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Trying to know tomorrow, is trying to kill your today.

Why do I need you to tell me when I will die when I am already living my full life today? Why must you see a vision for me about me buying a car or marrying a wife or traveling abroad? Will your vision or prophecy help me achieve it if I don’t work for it? What the hell are you prophesying that is bigger than the fact that Christ died to save me? Shut your mouth up, you fake vision-seeing prophets!

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