Stop Kissing and start Making love 😩

I remember one of my ex back then that said to me… Frank No Sex Till Marriage..

Wtf do you mean bitch 😳

Like no vog till marriage πŸ™„

Don’t you know vogging breeds intimacy in a relationship..

She said she don’t believe that..

We broke up 😏

I wonder how many skills you’ve broken up with this year..

How many projects and ideas you’ve dumped..

You’ve learnt all the skills in the whole world..

You’ve attended every WhatsApp class..

All the people creating course sabi your name..

You’ve being jumping from one girl to the other..

You want to vog right away..

All the projects are shouting NO sex until marriage..

And you think marriage is something that is far..

Things don’t don’t too long as we think…

Focus and pay the price then you can enjoy her as you wish..

You’re saying to yourself “mehn 6 months to too much to focus on this thing o”

That 6 months will still come and you’ve not done anything..

You don’t have patience to stay and build on one thing yet you wonder why you don’t have much results..

2021 is less than 20 days now..

If you like continue jumping from one girl to the other..

Better pick one girl and stay with..

No sex till marriage..

Date that your skill until you have enough money to marry her..

Focus on one business model..

Show her attention and love and she will give you what you’ve always desired πŸ˜‹

Until i write to you again..

Stay Milky πŸ’¦

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