The process of job search is one that must be carried out in a wholistic manner.

In other words, no stone must be left unturned while seeking to get a paid employment.

The smallest detail could be the determinant of how successful our job search will be. One of such detail is our MINDSET.

Therefore, the biggest obstacle to your career journey could be the present state of your mindset.

Here are three (3) simple ways to create the right mindset and develop the right attitude to excel in your quest to secure a job opening.

1. There is a job out there that requires my qualification, skills and experience.

Due to the negative or wrong perception of many, you may have settled in your mind that there are no jobs.

Therefore you approach every job opportunity from a mindset of scarcity. Once you believe that jobs are limited, you tend to panic during interviews because it may seem to you that you wont get another opportunity if you miss the one at hand.

However, you do know that employers conduct interviews and recruit on a daily basis. So you can be one of those that land one of these jobs provided that you have the right mindset. There is a job out there that needs your skill, abilities and value. You are simply the solution provider to a job opening out there.

2. Every job vacancy is a problem that seeks a solution

This is a very important mindset that is critical to the way you approach job applications. Everytime a company puts out a job advert, it simply means the company has a problem and they need someone who can provide solutions to fill in the opening.

For example, if a company puts out an advert for an accountant, it simply means they have accounting problems and they need someone to help them solve it. Simple!

Now the job may be one that requires the applicant to have a degree in accounting, maybe graduate with a particular grade or have a certain number of work experience (Someday, i will show you, undergraduates, how to acquire work experience while still in school)

Therefore as an applicant, your goal basically is to see how you meet some or all of the job requirements, find out what the responsibilities of the position are and then edit your CV appropriately to show that you can provide the needed solutions.

If you do this well, trust me, you are one step close to securing a place on the interview list.

3. Your work experience/academic qualification class ( 2.1 or 2.2 or third class) is not all an employer is looking for

A very valuable mindset to have is to know that your career potential is not limited to the experience or class of academic qualification you have acquired.

Although these two may qualify you for a position, all employers are equally looking for people that are achievers, goal getters, performers and other characteristics that are in-built.

Although you may lack one or two relevant experience or even have a lower class degree but hear this; if an employer believes that you are motivated, resourceful, confident and energetic, you may be considered.

I have heard testimonies of people that landed jobs they ordinarily do not fully qualify for and from my interactions with my HR friends, this is very true. This can be your story too.

Let me know in the comment section if this blessed you 🀠

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