The End of me

A shiver raced down my spine and a lump came to a stop in my throat as my eyes glanced over the scrawny words on the white paper.

“Don’t marry him!”

Whoever stuck the letter between the space in the gate didn’t even put it in an envelope.

I took in a ragged breath, and looked down the street. No living soul passed by . That was the thing with living in an estate, every man for himself. I wouldn’t be home either, if I didn’t own a boutique. Unlike me, Dare, my fiancé works in a law firm.

Speaking of Dare, why would anyone go through the stress to send a three letter word? Why would anyone want to discourage me from marrying him? He proposed two days ago, so whoever did this must know a few things about us.


As soon as the thought crossed my mind, bile rose in my throat. Maybe it was Lila, Dare’s bitter ex girlfriend. She has hated me since she found about me, after their break up.

I grunted.

What makes you think its her? A small voice whispered in my head.

I could’ve sworn my stomach boiled with anger. Lila hated me, but she wasn’t crazy enough to stalk me.

It must be Akin. The guy has a temper issue and just a week ago, he threatened to beat me to death. “He must be bluffing” I scoffed when I saw the text, but at the moment, sweat drenched my skin. My heart thumped against my chest.

Without wasting time, I whipped out my phone from the back pocket of my jeans then dialed his number.

On the first ring, he answered.

“Yes?” his voice came out raspy.

“What is the meaning of this nonsense now!” I yelled. “Get over it! I’m done with you.”

“Why are you ranting like an idiot?” he snapped.

“Stop stalking me,” I screamed. “I found the note you left for me. I’ll still marry him.”

“I told you I’ll beat you to death cause I meant it… then,” he replied. “I’m over you.”

“I’m reporting this to the police.”

“OK,” he answered and with a click, the call ended.

I opened my mouth. Too stunned to call back. If Akin didn’t send the note, who did? But the guy would say anything to get out of this mess. So it must be him.

“Coward,” I groaned, slammed the gate shut and stormed into my two bedroom apartment. “I’ll show you what stuff I’m made of.”

Within minutes, I wore a blue jean jacket over my red tank top then stepped out of the apartment. But as I opened the lock, my phone rang and so did a shadow move under the gate. Furrowing my brows, I waited for someone to enter. No one did. Dare wouldn’t be home until evening, so who could that be?

Swallowing hard, I checked my phone to see Dare’s name on the screen. With a relived sigh, I pressed the answer button.

“Teni, where are you? Please don’t… don’t go out,” Dare rambled on. “I’ll explain when I’m coming over… ”

“Uh?” I said and pulled the gate open. “Why?”

Right in front of me, a woman stood outside. She looked out of place with her over sized, black T-shirt. But her hazelnut coloured skin was a beauty to behold. The sun shined brightly on her face. Under my brief gaze, she didn’t flinch, neither did she step forward . In one hand, she held a keg and I wondered what its content could be.

My eyes drifted back to her large, brown eyes which held nothing but hate. I’ll recognise that stoic, but pretty face anywhere because it was Lila’s

Dare shouted over the phone, but I couldn’t reply. I knew something wasn’t right and that’s when the smell hit me.

It was a very pungent one. In one swift move, she swung the content at me. The substance burned, scarred and pinched at my face. This pain wouldn’t last forever but the physical scar would end who I was.

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