The Eyes

Our eyes are undoubtedly a unique and precious blessing on us. They enable us to see not only what we ourselves are but also what others in relation to us are; what creatures, objects, panoramas etc are and how they look. The colour hue is also a characteristics of the eye: we distinguish between colours and shades by the use of eye sight. Beauty and ugliness in appearance rely only on the touchstone of the eyes. It is the eyes that open the outer world to us. If life were deprived of sight, it would merely be left with a practical nightmare.

The eyes are more than an organ. They also make our access possible to dreams, visions, insights, imaginations and fantasies. Seeing is both a science and an art. Only the blind realize the actual worth and value of sight. The fact that seeing people see little is now universally acknowledged.

Tears are another reality pertaining to the eyes. They shed tears quietly to vent out different states of powerful sentiments and emotions. If the eyes are acquainted with the light of wisdom, they even don’t fail us in the darkness either. Every feeling of ours is announced quietly through the eyes: sometimes our eyes look soft as a drop of dew and sometimes, as a flame of fire. It is the eyes that bring our hearts together in this world; we are utter strangers if our eyes are unacquainted. There is no greater touchstone or scale than the eyes which can weigh every person. Our eyes must never lower before our enemies because they represent our faith and determinatin, our pride and honour, our audacity and valour and our firmness and resilience.

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