“Not all that glitters are gold,” my dad will always say .I thought I understood what he meant until that remarkable day 😔.It all started on that fateful day precisely during evening hours🌖 while I was waiting for a vehicle 🚌to convey me to my destination.

The road was a bit lonely and few people walked down the street🚶🚶‍♀
I was still waiting at the bus stop when I saw a pretty young lady standing next to me👩‍👩‍.She was putting on a pink top👗👖 with a jean trouser .What I admired  most was her hair which went perfectly with her makeover. It was lovely 😘😘

We waited for a while before two guys joined us. They were discussing about the election which just ended the previous week and from the look of things they seems to be friends👥.

“Are you sure we will get a bus today,” the lady murmured giving a heavy sigh.
“Let’s just hope we will see one,” one of the guys responded then moved towards the lady. 😋😋
“Baby you too fine,” he complimented”. I am Ben he added.”

She ignored him even after he tried so hard to get her attention. The guy moved towards her and tapped her shoulders thinking she didn’t hear what he said earlier.

She didn’t say a word to him and was busy looking down the street to see if she can see any bus passing by.
“Am I not talking to someone,” the guy said angrily while pulling her backwards. 😱😱
He threw abuses at her telling her how skinny and ugly she looked.

Before I knew it 😳😳 the guy was already on the floor receiving countless blows from the lady, 😂😂.lmao
His friend who came to his rescue received his own share of the blow after which he started bleeding from the nose.
He lost his gait and nearly felled into a nearby gutter.😨😥😥.

She gave him endless blows until people came to his rescue.The guy was still lying helplessly on the floor before people rushed to see what was happening.

A bus came by and without hesitating I entered the bus and flew for my safety before they will call me as an eye witness.

I later heard people helped to take him to a nearby pharmacy where he received some first aid treatment🤕🤕 before going to the hospital .
Others said the lady was a black belt champion holder in a Taikwando club.

Till he leaves this planet I don’t think the guy will neither touch nor abuse a lady again.
By now he must have learnt his lesson the hard way.

Written by
Amadi Happiness

Your happiness is my concern.



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