In the part 1, of this new series, I defined what courtship is from my perspective.

Courtship is an interesting phase in relationship that prepares the two intended couples for marriage. Your understanding of courtship helps to know what is expected of the your union.

Courtship is an interim relationship that is characterized with preparation, Understanding your partner’s love languages, building each other, financial planning, praying, growing in love and Understanding of each other etc.

Any spouse that failed your examination in courtship shouldn’t be admitted into your school of marriage. Courtship is a very serious and sensitive examination that one shouldn’t take with levity. Study to develop worthy characters in order to pass this examination.

In my own opinion, courtship relationship is a period whereby you expose the nakedness of the truth about your life(past & present).It is very disastrous for a partner that had a bad history to hide the truth from his or her spouse during courtship…for it is better to hear from the horse’s mouth than to get to know the truth from a third party.

Courtship period is the time to build trust for each other, therefore expose any skeleton in your cupboard. Any man or woman that truly loves you can never use your past mistakes or deeds against you, instead he or she will serve as a covering for you. The fact that you know your partner’s weakness(mistakes) is the more reason why you should inspire strength to her or him.

Courtship period should be the period of adding value to each other in order for your marriage to gain volume of bliss.

Marriage is fun, you should be intentional in making work from your courtship period. Never find fault in each other during courtship. Avoid capitalizing on your partner’s weakness or past mistakes.

You can correct each other in love, with respect and wisdom because any correction void of love & Respect is condemnation.

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