Still on the subject of COURTSHIP.Behind every successfulssful marriage is a successful courtship.What you do with each other in courtship matters alot in marriage.

In courtship sexual purity, thoughts & boundaries must be in place if not abuse is inevitable.

Avoid things & places that encourages dirty activities..sex is an exclusive reserve for the married…if he or she can not wait for marriage to have sex with his or her partner can never wait even in marriage…the person will still go out to look for satisfaction outside the marriage.

Any partner that failed this test in courtship can’t be trusted in marriage.Never build your dream home on the faulty foundation of fornication.

Agree & plan on how you want your dream home to look like,set goals & proven strategies to achieve them.. Because any courtship that lacks reasonable goals is like a ship heading no where.

Show me your goals in courtship & I can tell you how far your marriage can go.

A successful marriage is the by product of COURTSHIP goals that have been achieved.

Goals setting & mapping out ways of achieving them is half way succeding in your courtship.

Avoid unnecessary spending in courtship instead save, Invest & come up with business or Investment ideas that would add to your family streams of income.

You have to make it a rule to develop each other in courtship;it takes personal development in courtship to be madly attracted to each other.

Study each other & be a source of encouragement to each other.Courtship is a periodic relationship that is full of intensive planning & strategizing for marriage.

Any courtship that MARRIAGE is not it’s future is a labour in futility..once your partner does not have future with you,quit to save yourself from the story that touch the heart.

Compatibily is another factor that the intended couples must take into consideration.

Thank you for your time!πŸ’œβ€οΈπŸ’š

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