Do you have any idea? You probably do not even know what the ‘what’ and the ‘them’ in the title is. 😁

But, what attracted them?

You have to have a slight idea.

Many of us have had the best of friendships; we’ve had a lot of people come around us. Some stay all the way, some leave almost immediately.

Most of the time (for many), we’re just being ourselves; doing our thing, loving yourself and others, bringing so much energy, and people just gravitate towards you for that.

Or, you’re really terse; of few words, but wise words, do not like to be noticed, love taking behind-the-scene roles, and people still gravitate towards you for that.

Here’s the thing…

You actually attract the right people when you’re being yourself; not REALLY seeking to attract them.

However, when you attract these right people, you begin to push them away, you become repellant, unknowingly.

Here’s what happens…

We (I do this too) tend to forget we weren’t really doing anything INTENTIONALLY to attract them. We were only intentionally BEING OURSELVES.

But when they get close, you begin to see and observe things that they like or love that are not natural to you, you tend to start striving to be more (of that which is unnatural to you) for them…

You quickly forget that they loved you for YOU.

Are you an introvert/listener/talker/rapper…etc.? Don’t start trying to be more of an extrovert/talker/listener/singer, etc because the lovely person you attracted has a thing for extroverts…

He/she saw all of that, but something more pulled them close. That’s your ORIGINALITY.

The moment you start trying to be someone you’re not for them, they stop seeing what they initially saw, thus, the attraction drops.

So, what attracted them?

Do you know, can you remember now?

It’s the same thing that will keep them.

HOWEVER, if you were ‘forming,’ and your ‘forming’ attracted them, then you have to continue forming the exact forming that attracted them. 😁

You’re valuable!

Keep being you, but don’t remain raw. Continue refining and sharpening yourself.

Get to the highest heights of value!

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