What you need to know as you progress in life.

I realized that greatness is not measured merely by material possessions but valuable, creative and intentional impacts invested in yourself and many around you.

At every point in time, it is every important to weigh those around you. Not everyone is meant to be allowed into your inner circle no matter how much you respect them; if they are not worth the inner circle, keep them outside it.

Respect don’t necessarily mean impact. You can respect people dearly even though they don’t have any positive impact as it has to do with your vision and purpose.

There are certain kind of persons that are not to be allowed into your inner circle. They are;

  1. Those that can’t believe in or see your tomorrow. Respect them but keep them outside because they can frustrate your vision indirectly over time and may make you work outside of your vision by bringing your into their own vision for you.
  2. Those that laugh or mock your little beginning. They are not meant to be in your inner circle because they might frustrate your zeal and mock you out of your place and domain. These set of people have little or nothing to offer you.
  1. Those that have nothing to contribute to your advancement or pursuit. They always try to make you feel that your opinions are best even when they know how dangerous and bad that opinion of yours will be. They pass silly statements when you fail; making it seems as though you were an island. Fear them!
  1. The last set are those that always oppose any of your plans. They don’t analyse or even care to listen to the details of your plans. They feel they are too wise, knowledgeable, discerning and can foretell if your plans are good or not. Don’t continue with them, run!

Now, and most importantly, pray and plan. Be greatly inspired in the spirit before starting anything. Think, Think and Think again and after Thinking, Think again. Weigh every of your plans and by the mercies of God, you will and must definitely succeed.

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