Egypt had the_’Pharaoh’

All bowed to his might
Even the books will tell you
He was a Lord..
Yet Moses came
A young man from a normal life
And swept him off the throne with just a rod.

Israel had_’Solomon’
All the creatures of the world
Praised his time on the throne

Many concubines and many wives
The most beautiful palace guarded by the most strongest knives
But when the Lord said his time was through
No gauge or amount of wealth could give him life anew.

France sings of_’Napoleon’
the greatest emperor
with the greatest battalion
Who sailed oceans and seas
Conquered and made many lands his..

But on the smallest of islands
Is where he lost his life
And every possession,was
Given back to rightful hands.

Great Russia will tell you of the_’Tsar’
who ascended the throne
and ordered a massacre.

He had all the power of the world
and led with an iron hand,
But when the wave of fate passed through
It left him lifeless from where he stand.

You want to know of_’Hitler’?
General of athousand armies
with no competitor?

Well, he is one of the greatest that history boasts of
He burned a mass of men, women and children
And burried his country’s love
But when they started to search of where he had gone
No one could even find an inch of his bone.

So as you live,
You the most beautiful or the most handsome man of the land
Know that life is beautiful
But greater if treated in kind..

Always remember,
You are not living forever
Even those who were in God’s favor
Someday, life had to pass them by.

Learn to be humble
And live life simple..

Because even in the times
when men ruled as Gods
There came a point in time
When they laid down their swords
Jumped on and followed carriage to the after,
Because nothing
Nothing in life really lasts forever.

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