When will I get married?

I have always dreamt of getting married after graduation, but it didn’t happen!

I went to NYSC hoping I would return with a man to call my own, however, abusive relationships greeted me. I have dated 20 guys in 5 years.

Great guys, despite saying I was okay, kept bypassing me to propose to others.

I tried everything I know to do, yet it was as though love wasn’t for me. I even agreed for my family to give promo on the bride price, still, they left.

I had to place some of the men on a salary just to love me, yet they used my money on other women, turning me to a punching bag.

My dream of a glorious union gradually began to fade into a fairy tale when everyone around me was either married or happily engaged; while I was just there unsure why I couldn’t find someone to call my own.

I attended several weddings to the point I had to stop because I got tired. Every time people said hi to me, I kept hearing them yelling when I would get married behind their greetings.

My feet were present in every relationship summit, still, I was nowhere near a happy relationship. I soon gave up on love and marriage, because I just couldn’t fathom why a beautiful and kindhearted lady like I was unable to attract a sensible man.

But guess what!

My challenge of not finding the right person became history four months ago when I stumbled on a book given to me by my friend, who got married six months after reading it.

The book exposed me to the reasons I couldn’t attract the right persons. The author went further to highlight some key strategies on how to make my dream man fall in love with me and how I could make him commit to me.

Two weeks after reading the book, I was able to attract my kind of man. A ring is sitting on my forefinger as I speak and our wedding date has been fixed.

I can’t believe I’m the one getting married; this is like a dream. I’m forever grateful to the author for dishing out the massive value through the book and for my friend who gave me a copy.

It Is My turn by Gilgal Umia is a must-read for everyone who desires to change the question of “God when?” to “It has happened!”

And that’s not all, did you know that I got access to her course on having a blissful marriage for free? And I also got access to a one-to-one session with her where she answered the questions bothering me. Too good to be true? I know right! This could be yours too; now you see why you can’t miss this.

Click the link below to order your copy:


Hurry now and watch how your difficulties in attracting the right person become history.

Here’s the link again



You can create something like this to sell your products and services using stories that align with what you do.

Learn the art of storytelling.

In other news, IT IS MY TURN is my future book and it’s a life-changing one, prepare your money now oh😁

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