Where can true love be found?

true love

Love can be likened to an ATM that dispenses cash for customers. Then when it’s your turn to withdraw after waiting patiently in the long queue, the screen displays “Insufficient fund”. It could be disheartening. It may arouse bitterness instantly but the problem isn’t from the machine. It keeps dispensing cash even after you step off from the queue.

You may go to the customer care unit for a complaint, yet they would show you your account details. At that moment, it will dawn on you that you have exhausted your money.

Most times, what you wish to come may not come not necessarily because it’s in low supply. It’s simply because you don’t deserve or merit it. *Love is surplus in our today’s world simply because it’s cheap. It’s filled with deceit, insecurity, self-centeredness, and indifference.*

True love is scarce in our world today because only a few tend to afford it. It’s genuine, patient, gentle, sincere, pure, kind, and generous. Above all, it requires frequent sacrifice for sustainability and maintenance.

When God is loved deeply, true love flows and dwells in your heart. From that treasury of love, you can draw genuine love for yourself which gives you a clear sight of how to love anyone around you.

_May Christ through your faith [actually] dwell (settle down, abide, make His permanent home) in your hearts! May you be rooted deep in love and founded securely on love”_ Amen!!!

© Gabriel Chukwunonso O


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