A wise man in my village once said “if you don’t know where you are going, every body will give you direction”

Without much ado, the reason I was cheated was because I never had a prior and adequate knowledge of what I wanted. Well, this is amongst many other reasons you may have been cheated too.

Permit me to share some experiences with you. I trust you would find few derivatives.

Now, come with me, not in your imagination but with your attention.


Some time ago, I was in a passport office to process my E-passport. It was actually my first time and I was without any contact there neither was I conversant with the exact processes involved.

It didn’t actually bothered me to make a prior inquiry from friends and colleagues who may have processed theirs or better still ask Google some questions. I just believed there would be a way forward when I get there. What a wrong way to think!

Upon my arrival, I met an officer at the gate who in my opinion succeeded in qualifying himself as a taunt by his demeanor. He promised to assist me with the processes. I obliged, thinking that’s the way it’s done.

We started the long processes, from start to conclusion and I ended up spending #40’000 with no specific date for collection. Though, months later my passport was ready.

Few weeks after then, I got talking with a friend who told me he processed his for #25’000 and got it in lesser than two weeks without patronising any taunt.

He said, there is an office for it with simple processes to follow and that taunts were mere distractions. Then I shouted “had I known” I would have followed the due process.

Monkey has just swallowed my #15’000 like that. I would have called my friend earlier to know the “how” before leaving for the passport office.

Almost the same scenario repeated itself when I visited NIMASA to process my discharge booklet.

Also, I went without a prior knowledge of the processing options available. I needed a discharge booklet but NOT urgently.

At my arrival, I met some fellows in the processing hall who were in for the same thing as myself. We were told it’s #25’000 and we all paid. Few hours later, our discharge booklets were ready and was given to us.

Days later, a friend of mine told me he processed his for #15’000 same week in the same place. Responding to my curiosity, he said, there are actually two processing options; Regular Processing which is #15’000 for 3-days collection period and an Express Processing which is #25’000 for collection same day.

I shouted again, “had I known” I would have opted for the regular processing option since I was NOT in need of it urgently. Here is #10’000 thrown the wind.

Why am I telling you these stories? It’s to remind you of that particular day you acted or misfired like I did…lols. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that had been in that boat.

It was all my [our] fault. If I [we] had made a prior inquiry before going for those stuffs, I [we] would have saved ourselves those superfluous spendings and not cheated by that trader, motor pack taunt, office taunt, etc.



Don’t be in a hurry next time. Before you go to buy those goods, make inquiries to know the price range. If you really want to know, you will.

If you need to make a travel or process any document, especially for the first time, identify people who have been there or have those documents already and get all the rudimentary information you need to avoid some office taunts cashing in on you.

Suffice to say that whatever you want to do, buy or pursue, seek a prior knowledge from every available means before plunging in.

“The easiest and safest route to your destination, is to ask those coming from there”

As for me eh, I yaf get sense o..lols. No body fit chop my money for free again..

If you see me haggling some market commodities, it’s like ASUU and Federal government on a negotiation table.. Lols

Hope I got you a take away?

Ps: Share in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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