Most of the times, women don’t dress up just to impress men, No! Rather, they dress up to feel good before their fellow women or to intimidate their fellow women.

Most men do not know the difference between human hair and synthetic hair. They do not know which is Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian or Cambodian hair or the one they called Bone straight. Most men don’t even know their price difference. Women know this and they also know that their fellow women know the difference. That is what matters to them — their fellow women.

Girls don’t usually buy iPhone 11, for example, because a guy has it. They are not often intimidated by what a guy has, it is what a fellow woman has that intimidates.

When women prepare for their August Meetings in the village and save lots of money towards it, do you think it is because they want to show off to the men in the village? It has nothing to do with men. Rather, they want their fellow women to see that they came back with a car, that they are wearing gold jeweries, that their hand bag was made in Italy, their shoes imported from Germany, and their nails made in one of the most expensive salons in Hong Kong.

And when they even mention men, it is still to create that edge. One will say, “I have direct contact to the Cardinal,” another will say “Davido usually calls me, he even followed me on Instagram.” Another will say “that guy over there with Gwagon is my boo, he is waiting for me.”

Again, they want their skin to be smooth. Snapchat app is loved for a particular reason, which is, the smoothness it gives their skin. Have you seen them making Snapchat videos especially when they are wearing a new wig? If the video is for 30 seconds, they would have dressed or adjusted the hair with their hand up to 15 times. . . It is almost as though they are shouting to their fellow women to notice their wig-hair.

Women measure fellow women on the sizes of what they call assets. It is like a competition. Instagram is their headquarter. Everybody is twerking, taking pictures without bra to show nipples or cleavages, snapping backside while standing like an epileptic patient so that the backside will shoot out — it is like saying, see mine, it is bigger than yours. When ladies say “my sister is hot?” What do they mean?

The self esteem level of most women is on the low. They need to be constantly validated, constantly reminded that they are beautiful, constantly told that among their peers they are the finest. . .even when it is a lie. If you send a girl this type of message every morning, it has the ability of making her feel vibrant and loved.

I know this post is not a serious post, so don’t come here to carry the post on your head and be quarrelling with every comment.

This is December, don’t start it with quarrel. Just laugh if e funny or kukuma pass. If it is not funny or you are angry, come to Malawi and beat me.

After all, I am not the reason why the most expensive thing you have bought in your life is the shaved hair of another human being living in another continent to the extent that you are wearing the hair and even feeling high. Don’t go and use the money you begged from people to do something sensible, be looking for bone straight abi na skeleton bend.

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